All the ins & outs

This is Spikeball

Spikeball Roundnet is a fantastic game inspired by beach volleyball. The great thing about it is that anyone can play, and whether you’re a rookie or a pro, you’ll always have fun. People love playing roundnet and as a sport, it is growing in popularity across Europe. Here you can find out more about what exactly the game entails, how to play it, and all of its benefits.

What is Spikeball?

You could describe Spikeball as a miniature version of beach volleyball! It’s very compact. All you need to play is the Spikeball net and the little ball that comes with the game. The original game is played between two teams of two players. Unlike volleyball, the net is stretched inside a sturdy circular rim on support legs. Rather than hitting the ball over the net, the idea is to bounce the ball off it.


How to play

The rules

The players move around the net to make it as difficult as possible for the opponents to score points. The first team to reach 21 points wins the game. Teammates are allowed up to three touches of the ball before they have to spike it onto the net. The net is stretched inside the rim so that the ball can bounce off it and the opponents have up to three touches between them to hit the ball back onto the net.

How exactly does it work? That’s simple. The four players form a square around the net. Make sure that you are standing alongside your teammate and opposite your opponent. The server (you are allowed two attempts at serve) hits the ball towards the player standing 180 degrees across the net. Once the ball has been served, the players can run anywhere in order to score points. Play continues until one team fails to spike the ball back onto the net or when a fault is committed (e.g. the ball touches the rim of the net or bounces on the net more than once). The winner is the first team to reach 21 points!